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The Making of the Modern Chinese State,1600-1949

"Where did modern China come from? How can modern China avoid the collapse and fragmentation of being a multi-ethnic empire and build a highly effective and long-term stable state? What is the historical rationality and uniqueness of its territory composition, ethnic composition and regime form? In the future, can China continue to maintain a ""big and strong"" pattern? This book answers these challenging questions convincingly .This book is a work of rise and contemporary history of China with a grand vision and new ideas. The whole book mainly focuses on the rediscovering of the formation process of modern China and the problems existing in the historical writing of modern Chinese history itself. From the perspective of global history, the author focuses on the three elements in the book which include geopolitics, finance, military and political identity, comprehensively discussing the formation process of modern China from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, and exploring the unique path of modern China from the perspective of world history. The book has a broad vision, rich content, and unique insights. It is a wonderful book that should not be missed for researchers and ordinary readers who are trying to understand the past and future of modern China."

Book Category Social Science
Author Huaiyin Li
Author Profile

Huaiyin Li, a Ph.D. in History, University of California, Los Angeles and a professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin, Director of the Center for East Asian Studies (2015-2021). His major works include Reconstructing Modern China, Chronicle of Rural China, and Village Governance in North China. He has edited two large-scale book series, including "Rethinking of Chinese Socialism and the Road of Reform" and "Research on Contemporary Chinese History". He has published dozens of papers in academic journals such as "Chinese Social Sciences" and "History Research" and so on.


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