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The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd
The Images Publishing Group is a world-leading publisher of books about architecture, art, photography, and design. View More
ACC Art Books is one of the world’s leading publishers and distributors of books on the arts and visual culture. We sell and market beautiful books to retailers and wholesalers worldwide, making sure that they are available to the widest possible audiences.Our own publications represent more than 50 years of innovation, including collaborations with some of the world’s foremost artists, fashion designers, architects and photographers. We began in 1966 by developing essential reference works on the decorative arts, many of which remain in print as the standard texts in their field. That includ… View More
The Magic Elephant Books
The Magic Elephant Books is a childrens book brand launched by Guangxi Normal University Press Group in early 2015. We look forward to building a magic kingdom connecting books, children and adults. In the kingdom, you will find the best childrens books and spend time full of poetry and joy. For the sake of children, lets read aloud and let love become magic! Readers of different ages and needs can find the books they desire here. We are expecting your arrival in our "Picture Book Kingdom", "Story Forest" and "Reading Academy". The "Picture Book Kingdom" … View More
Academics is a new academic book publishing brand launched by Guangxi Normal University Press Group in 2019.With the concept of "beginning with questions and ending with clarity" and the aim of "keeping watch on the academic field of vision", Academics is committed to publishing original + imported academic books in the field of humanities and social sciences. It advocates question awareness as the core and promotes academic feelings, humanistic spirit and investigation awareness, showing the currentness, ideological content and speculative nature of academics.We combine aca… View More
The Mysterium is a youth culture brand under Guangxi Normal University Press Group. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of Guangxi Normal University Press Group to fulfill its own cultural mission, with the aim of "growing up with children" and the mission of "introducing world-class youth books and publishing original excellent books", the Mysterium brand has successively set up five product sections: Youth Literature, Science Popularization Among the Youth, Inspiration to Youth, Youth Sports and Mysterious Island Tutoring. The Mysterium is committed to bringing interesting, … View More
Literary Monuments
The "Literary Monuments" was established in 2010, aiming at excavating excellent works with large volume, thorough knowledge and outstanding reputation in the fields of literary biographies, poetic criticism, memoirs, diaries and letters, and presenting the life picture and artistic world of classic writers with the same depth and breadth.Since the publication of Vladimir Nabokov which established the first cornerstone, after ten years trek, the Literary Monuments had grown into one of the most influential series brands of Guangxi Normal University Press. The brand has won several awa… View More
The Guangxi Normal University Press established the Beijing Humanities Center in Beijing in March 2016. It established Beijing Chuanwen Qizhi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in November 2016, and meanwhile launched the "PURA" publishing brand for incubation. It has planned the publication of YANG Xianrangs Collected Works and the Fourteen Walks along the Yellow River - Investigation of Folk Art along the Yellow River by YANG Xianrang, Pictures of Traditional Chinese Operas Staged for Spring Festival by WANG Shucun, Denomination and Understanding - Museum Tours by YANG Zhishui,Eagles A… View More

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