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Guangxi Normal University Press was established in Guilin on November 18, 1986. As one of the first batch of university presses in China that had been turned into pilot enterprises, Guangxi Normal University Press Group was officially established on June 28, 2009, becoming the first publishing group in Guangxi and the first local university press group in China. 

GXNU Press Group has acquired The Images Publishing Group and the ACC Publishing Group subsequently in 2014 and 2016, taking the lead in building a multinational publishing group with a mature and complete industrial chain, fully opening up the development of internationalization strategy and becoming a representative enterprise for Chinese presses going out. Now GXNU Press Group has more than 30 subsidiaries not only located in Guilin, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Nanning but also in other countries such as Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Croatia, with the business covering the followings: book and periodical publishing and distribution; electronic and audiovisual publishing; digital publishing and knowledge services; design, printing, sales, and services of the cultural product; as well as education and training, exhibition, consulting, tourism, artwork, real estate, etc., thus forming a cross-regional and cross-field development pattern.

GXNU Press Group always adheres to the correct political direction, publishing, and value orientations, effectively puts social benefits in the first place, takes " inspiring people's wisdom and inheriting civilization" as its publishing philosophy, "Helping people and books meet each oher" as its mission, and "publishing good books" as its spiritual pursuit, and stays committed to "internal development, self-evolution, and continued growth", and has come out of the development path called "Guangxi Normal University Press mode" by the industry, forming education, humanities and social sciences, rare literature, architectural design, literature and art, children and other advantageous publishing sectors. Pursuing progress while ensuring stability, GXNU Press Group develops in a diversified way, with the main publishing business prominent and firm.



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