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  • Huaiyin Li
    Huaiyin Li, a Ph.D. in History, University of California, Los Angeles and a professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin, Director of the Center for East Asian Studies (2015-2021). His major works include Reconstructing Modern China, Chronicle of Rural China, and Village Governance in North China. He has edited two large-scale book series, including "Rethinking of Chinese Socialism and the Road of Reform" and "Research on Contemporary Chinese History". He has published dozens of papers in academic journals such as "Chinese Social Sciences" and "History Research" and so on.
  • Zhou Licheng
    Zhou Licheng, born in 1965. He is a first-level researcher and deputy research librarian of the Editing and Research Department of Tianjin Archives, and an expert in the editing and research of archives system in Tianjin. He is the author of "Republic of China Pictorial Characters", "Tianjin Old Theater" and other works. In the "China Archives", "Tonight News" and other newspapers and magazines, there are his personal columns such as "Decrypting files" and "Old Zhou ‘s New Talks on the Old Pictorials".
  • Luo Weizhang
    Luo Weizhang, a native of Sichuan province, is a member of the Chinese Writers Association. He is the author of novels "Hungry Hundred Years", "River Dance", "Sound History", "As usual", novella collection "Our Growth", "Spy", "Silent History", novella collection "Pain in the White Clouds and Green Grass" ", a collection of essays "Uncovering Time" and "Roadside Books". He has won the People's Literature Award, the Pu Songling Literature Award, and the Best Chinese Prose Award. He is regarded as a “National Culture master”, which is gifted person in “Four in a Batch” by Central Propaganda Department.
  • Fan Yiping
    Fan Yiping, born in 1964, Zhuang nationality, Shangling village, Du'an?Yao Autonomous?County, Guangxi Province. He studied in Hechi Teachers College, Chinese department of Fudan University. He is the tutor of postgraduate students of Guangxi University for Nationalities, vice-chairman of Guangxi writers' association, and a deputy to the 12th and 13th National People's Congress. He has won the Bronze Drum Award, Du Xiu award, the Baihua Literature Award, and the "Fiction Selection" Biennial Award. The films based on his novels include "Looking for Guns", "Barber", "Precious Secrets" and so on. The novel "The Murder of Shangling Village" and "TianDeng Mountain" were translated into Swedish, Vietnamese, Russian and published aboard.

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