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Marriage and Love Story in the Old Pictorials

"""Marriage and Love Stories in the Old Pictorials"" tells 60 marriages and love stories in the Republic of China through five major themes, including Notice for marriage, Engagement, Marriage, Divorce, and Love trauma, with more than 50 complete layouts, and clear pictorials, showing the marriage situation in the Republic of China comprehensively.The book uses a large number of modern old pictorials as resources, and takes marriage and love as a unique perspective. After the author's necessary aggregation, textual research, and supplement, the marriage and love stories in the pile of old pictorials are vividly presented, and to a certain extent, it shows the values and tastes of marriage and love in the modern China, reflecting the conflict and blending of modern and traditional values in the period of social change."

Book Category Social Science
Author Zhou Licheng
Author Profile

Zhou Licheng, born in 1965. He is a first-level researcher and deputy research librarian of the Editing and Research Department of Tianjin Archives, and an expert in the editing and research of archives system in Tianjin. He is the author of "Republic of China Pictorial Characters", "Tianjin Old Theater" and other works. In the "China Archives", "Tonight News" and other newspapers and magazines, there are his personal columns such as "Decrypting files" and "Old Zhou ‘s New Talks on the Old Pictorials".


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