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Who is knocking on the door?

"The novel “Who is Knocking on the Door?” is a new work created by Luo Weizhang, the most representative contemporary writer in Sichuan province, China. It constructs a complex art world with numerous characters and subtle and complicated interpersonal relationships. It profoundly discusses the Chinese contemporary social structure and the relationship between people and people, people and times during the huge changes of the era.The book takes the Xu’s family as the core. The main line of the story is brothers and sisters coming back home to celebrate father's birthday, meeting the father's serious illness, and facing the death of the father. It snowballly depicted the ins and outs of a traditional Chinese family and the fate of each character. The same grief and different difficulties among the brothers and sisters in Xu’s family, which were condensed into feelings and inquiries about life and death, morality, and human nature. Luo Weizhang described the changes in all walks of life and the alternation of old and new customs through a networked narrative, presenting an ""all-encompassing world"" and encyclopedic erudition. Luo Weizhang broke the narrative mode of Western novels, and drew lessons from the Chinese novels such as ""A Dream of Red Mansions"", and uses a new narrative method to write an epic of life in our era, which was mixed of new and old."

Book Category Novel
Author Luo Weizhang
Author Profile

Luo Weizhang, a native of Sichuan province, is a member of the Chinese Writers Association. He is the author of novels "Hungry Hundred Years", "River Dance", "Sound History", "As usual", novella collection "Our Growth", "Spy", "Silent History", novella collection "Pain in the White Clouds and Green Grass" ", a collection of essays "Uncovering Time" and "Roadside Books". He has won the People's Literature Award, the Pu Songling Literature Award, and the Best Chinese Prose Award. He is regarded as a “National Culture master”, which is gifted person in “Four in a Batch” by Central Propaganda Department.


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