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The Moon Over the Eaves

“The Moon on the Eaves” is a collection of 32 essays by Ah Wei Mu Yi lo, an ethnic minority author, such as The Moon on the Eaves (seven chapters), Little Ma Ge and His Woman, The Walking Tribe (three chapters) and The Blue Hat.These essays are mainly about the realism of life, based on her life in Zhejiang, Liangshan, Dongguan and other place, describing short stories between the author and her relatives, friends and other strangers whom she met while working in cities.The author's portrayal of the characters is absolutely lifelike, vividly depicting the joys and sorrows of the small figures. For example, the Moon on the Eaves describes the trifles between mother, father, aunt and uncle from the perspective of children, as well as the subtle and complex interpersonal relationships. The language is lively and humorous, vividly showing the close relationship between relatives and neighbors of ethnic minorities.

Book Category Art
Author Ah Wei Mu Yi lo
Author Profile

Ah Wei Mu Yi lo, from the Yi ethnic group,born in 1982, is a native of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Her works has been published in Zhong Mountain, Flower City, Ethnic Literature, Prose, Tianya and other periodicals. She has published a collection of short stories. “The Moon Over the Eaves” has won the 12th National Minority Literature Creation Prize · Prose Award (national level).Her works won the Short Story Award of the 10th Lu Xun Literature and Art Award of Guangdong Province, the Novella Award of the Second Guangdong Achievement Literature Award, the 2016 Annual Prose Award of National Literature, the second Sanmao Prose Award Rookie Award and etc.


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