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Three Books of the Forbidden City

“Three Books of the Forbidden City” is a set of classic reading books about the architecture of the Forbidden City, the national treasures in the museum, and the life of the royal family. This series of books comprehensively uncover the hidden corners of the 600-year-old Forbidden City architecture, carefully select 100 treasures from the more than 900,000 collections in the Forbidden City, and provide a panoramic view of the court life in the Qing Dynasty. This series of profound works generating both academic and popular interests.

Book Category Ancient
Author Yu Zhuoyun
Author Profile

Yu Zhuoyun (1918-2004), a famous ancient architecture expert, professorate senior engineer of the Palace Museum. Having over 40 years of experience working with traditional Chinese constructions, he worked in various government associations as a specialist. He used to be a member of the Ancient Construction Engineering Committee of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. In 1954, he was transferred to the Palace Museum. In 1979, he was appointed as the director of the Ancient Construction Department of the Palace Museum.Zhu Jiajin (1914-2003), a well-known cultural relic expert and historian, an expert on the history of Ming and Qing Dynasties and traditional Chinese opera research, once presided over the original-state restoration of the First Grade Cultural relic, the "Dragon Chair" of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City.Wan Yi, born in 1925, an expert in Qing history studies, mainly engaged in the research of Ming and Qing court history and Qing court music. He used to be the deputy curator of the Palace Museum Library.Wang Shuqing (1938-), an expert in Qing history studies, engaged in the research of archives and court history. Former vice president of the Palace Museum. Lu Yanzhen (1930-), an expert on museum display. From 1954, he worked in the Palace Museum and presided over the palace history exhibitions for a long time.Leading photography Hu Chui (1952-), a photographer of cultural relics and an expert in museum informatization. He has been a photographer of the Palace Museum since 1978, and has won various international awards.


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