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The Magic Elephant Books is a children's book brand launched by Guangxi Normal University Press Group in early 2015. We look forward to building a magic kingdom connecting books, children and adults. In the kingdom, you will find the best children's books and spend time full of poetry and joy. For the sake of children, let's read aloud and let love become magic! 

Readers of different ages and needs can find the books they desire here. We are expecting your arrival in our "Picture Book Kingdom", "Story Forest" and "Reading Academy". The "Picture Book Kingdom" is a place where children aged 0~8 read picture books. In the "Story Forest", there are fairy tales and children's novels that children aged 6~14 are very fond of. "Read Aloud" (for those aged 6~9), "Golden Key" (for those aged 8~12), "Never Island" (for those aged 8~14) and "Youth Tour" (for those aged 8~14) are detailed reading maps drawn by us for children. In the "Reading Academy", there are children's reading instructions for parents.

In September 2016, Guilin Magic Elephant Books Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. was formally established, and "The Magic Elephant Books" began to go further. After introducing a batch of world-class children's books, we began to publish original books with different themes, and cooperate deeply with many world-renowned writers. In addition to publishing books, we are also developing cultural and creative products and organizing cultural activities. All these attempts and efforts are for achieving only one consistent goal: to promote parent-child reading and enlighten children in humanities. Along the way, we believe that The Magic Elephant Books will also go to the international stage together with Chinese writers of children's books, communicate and cooperate with creators of children's books from different countries, and realize one dream and possibility after another in a wider world.

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