The Mysterium is a youth culture brand under Guangxi Normal University Press Group. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of Guangxi Normal University Press Group to fulfill its own cultural mission, with the aim of "growing up with children" and the mission of "introducing world-class youth books and publishing original excellent books", the Mysterium brand has successively set up five product sections: Youth Literature, Science Popularization Among the Youth, Inspiration to Youth, Youth Sports and Mysterious Island Tutoring. The Mysterium is committed to bringing interesting, knowledgeable and nourishing excellent books to children and parents all over the world. It encourages children to know the world from stories, explore the world with science, and perceive the world with their hearts; helps parents to be relieved from parenting anxiety and get practical and effective assistance.

Since its establishment, the Mysterium has published more than 300 kinds of books, among which the series of "Liu Cixin's Youth Science Fiction Novels" and the series of "Bi Shumin's Spiritual Books for Children" have sold more than one million copies, respectively. In addition, more than 50 kinds of books of Mysterium brand have won various awards, such as the 7th China Printing Award (Silver Award), the 12th Wenjin Book Award (Shortlisted Award), the 9th National Book Design Art Exhibition (Shortlisted Award), the 8th Shanghai Good Children's Book Award, Bingxin Children's Literature Award and Laurel Children's Book Award. Many books have been selected into the key recommended book lists at all levels such as the Recommended Catalogue of Key Publications in Rural Bookstores and the Recommended Books for Primary and Secondary School Libraries (Reading Rooms) in China.

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