Literary Monuments

The "Literary Monuments" was established in 2010, aiming at excavating excellent works with large volume, thorough knowledge and outstanding reputation in the fields of literary biographies, poetic criticism, memoirs, diaries and letters, and presenting the life picture and artistic world of classic writers with the same depth and breadth.

Since the publication of Vladimir Nabokov which established the first cornerstone, after ten years' trek, the Literary Monuments had grown into one of the most influential series brands of Guangxi Normal University Press. The brand has won several awards such as "Top Ten Good Books of the Year" in Shenzhen Reading Month and "Annual Tribute Book Series" in the Economic Observer. With the whole series of the brand scoring averagely over 9.0 on Douban, it is well received and trusted by readers.

The genres involved in “Literary Monuments” emphasize the style, tonality and intensity, encompassing not only poetic and aesthetic dimensions, but also critical and ethical dimensions. The ideal form is the triple combination of the uploader, the author and the translator, producing subtle chemical effects while maintaining high quality.

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