The Guangxi Normal University Press established the Beijing Humanities Center in Beijing in March 2016. It established Beijing Chuanwen Qizhi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in November 2016, and meanwhile launched the "PURA" publishing brand for incubation. It has planned the publication of YANG Xianrang's Collected Works and the Fourteen Walks along the Yellow River - Investigation of Folk Art along the Yellow River by YANG Xianrang, Pictures of Traditional Chinese Operas Staged for Spring Festival by WANG Shucun, Denomination and Understanding - Museum Tours by YANG Zhishui,Eagles Are Speaking in the Hometown of God: Anthology of Haizi by Haizi, I Walk Down from the Snow-capped Bayankala: Anthology of Changyao by Changyao, The Rite of Spring: Anthology of LUO Yihe by LUO Yihe, Arguments on Flame: Anthology of Jidi Majia by Jidi Majia,Things on the Earth and Soil Is by My Side: Wei'an Diary by Wei'an,Letter of Breaking a Promise and Iron and Silk by ZHANG Wei, extreme literary series, dimensional literary series, translated PURA series - Ashglory: Selected Poems and Prose of Paul Celan by Paul Celan, The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz,  The Book of Questions, The Book of Resemblances, The Book of Margins, I Built My House and A Stranger with a Small Book Under Arm by Edmond Jabès and overseas Sinology translated series - A World Full of Ware: Research on Chinese Porcelain by Sartel,Feudal Bureaucratic Mechanism of Imperial China by BAI Leri,Free and Unfettered: The Demoted Northern Scholar-officials and Their Literary Fields in The 16th Century by CHEN Tianyuan and other high-end excellent books.

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